the older i get the sadder “i love you more than being seventeen” becomes


Cat Eyes are nice… but Bat Eyes are better.

Happy Halloween <3


The Apartment (1960)

Ya know, I used to live like Robinson Crusoe; I mean, shipwrecked among 8 million people. And then one day I saw a footprint in the sand, and there you were.

"As for myself, I very often stay on at the office and work for an extra hour or two - especially when the weather is bad. It’s not that I’m overly ambitious - it’s just a war of killing time, until it’s all right for me to go home. You see I have this little problem with my apartment…"

- The Apartment, directed by Billy Wilder

The stars are ageless, aren’t they?

Title: Human Sadness (original)
Artist: Julian Casablancas
Played: 6946 times


HUMAN SADNESS (original) - Julian Casablancas


Did you know….Tati did not only play the main role -which is actually the buildings to be exact- but also had some cameos in Playtime.

"I want to see Mads trying to eat Hugh's arm" —sassmasterradaghost